Thursday, April 11, 2019

Life as a student in a foreign country: Adjusting to a new place


Looks like I have been neglecting this page for almost 2 years. Quite sad about that fact, but life been super busy, yet exiting.

So, where have I been? I moved to the UK from September 2017 to December 2018 due to my decision to pursue a graduate study. Actually,  until the last minutes I still considering to continue my study in Finland. But choosing UK was really a great decision.

After made the decision to choose UK, the things I first prepared besides visa was my accommodation, which was unfortunately super expensive because my University was located close to London which makes the rent costs 2 times higher than other big cities such as Birmingham and Nottingham. Surprising fact, renting a room in the UK is not as simple as in Indonesia, as we need to sign an agreement with our landlord and pay a large sum of deposit. The fear of getting our deposit taken makes me and my flatmates becomes extra careful with the house, especially after surprising incident (part of the house collapsed) at the very first day of 2018!

One of the greatest challenge was adjusting to a new place. September in the UK means the sky turns dark earlier compared to in Indonesia, the worst things was my phone was kinda broken at the first days I arrived in the UK, I remember that time when the sky already darken and I got lost in the middle of the wildness at my campus, and my phone didn't work. I almost teared up, but somehow I found the way out, but I ended up walking for twice as it supposed to be. And, since I chose the cheapest rent possible, my flat was quite far (almost 3 km walk), and twice means around 6 km walk.

As a moslem, of course halal food is one of the most crucial part, and Reading has a lot stores that sells halal meats, as well halal and halal friendly restaurant. At my Uni, there's also a large moslem center, where students and public could conduct their prayer, make coffee, and eat snacks provided by the moslem society of UoR. One of my classmates even asked me to bring him to the center to get free coffee :) However, because the campus is quite big, there are times that I conduct my prayer in the Graduate Study Room, which ends up with my friend asked me they are allowed to watch me praying.

However, despite of the struggle, it was a great memory and a very precious experiences.

Monday, May 29, 2017


Taken at YMA 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Aku ingin mengulang waktu

Saat aku salah berkata
Dan membuatmu meneteskan air mata

Saat aku membuat janji
Namun lupa menepati

Saat aku berbuat salah
Dan membuatmu marah

Tapi waktu tak kan terganti
Apa yang sudah terjadi
Tak bisa diulangi lagi

Namun waktu pula yg akan memberi jawaban
Akankah semua kesalahan
Akan jadi penyesalan
Atau malah pembelajaran

Terkadang waktu terasa seperti sang pembelenggu
Tapi sesungguhnya waktu adalah harapan untuk maju

Selamat Hari Kebangkitan Nasional!

*Ditulis dalam rangka mengikuti 10 Hari Gelisah Menulis @30haribercerita x MOSI

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Journey of A Boy Who Always Worry-Part1

This is a story
about a boy 
who always worry

He lived in the forest
where all he do was only eat and rest

One day he met a bird 
who tell him the beauty of the earth

He decided to left his beautiful home
though he was not sure whether he will get a warm welcome

Finally he arrived at a town
a place he had never known

At the town he he learned lot of things,
and painting

One day he feel bored
then again he met the bird

There are more beauty in this earth
said the bird

He then left the town immediately
happily but with lot of worry

Suddenly he stop at the intersection 
which gave him lot of confusion

Should he go to the left
where he need to give up his wealth 
and there will be nothing left

or should he go to the right
where he will always fight
and climb so high