Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Journey of A Boy Who Always Worry-Part1

This is a story
about a boy 
who always worry

He lived in the forest
where all he do was only eat and rest

One day he met a bird 
who tell him the beauty of the earth

He decided to left his beautiful home
though he was not sure whether he will get a warm welcome

Finally he arrived at a town
a place he had never known

At the town he he learned lot of things,
and painting

One day he feel bored
then again he met the bird

There are more beauty in this earth
said the bird

He then left the town immediately
happily but with lot of worry

Suddenly he stop at the intersection 
which gave him lot of confusion

Should he go to the left
where he need to give up his wealth 
and there will be nothing left

or should he go to the right
where he will always fight
and climb so high


Monday, February 13, 2017

The Dazzling D4zzlerz Show, My First Experience Directing a Shadow Dance Show

January 2017, my office held an annual meeting at Bali, and one of the agenda is Idol performance.

This year, again, I was in the same team with our HR Director, R. Because last year we already in the same team, and successfully performed an unforgettable show, it was easier for us to gain ideas. And we agreed to perform a Shadow Dance Show!

The very short time given by the committee (less than a week) for performance sure made us nervous, but with only total 4 hours of rehearsal, we (again) succeed performed an unexpected show and announced as the 1st winner. Yippee!

The show began with narration from me:
Soon, our team, Dazzlerz will show you a story about the life journey of a human being since before she was born until she is all grown up. And how she show her gratitude to the people she loved starting from the simple things.
My hand was shaking, a lot, when I read the narration. I was super nervous, because on rehearsal, the timing always missed. I was so stressed, I even get a stomachache 😅

But, when the show started, and everything flowed in the perfect timing, I was beyond happy. Cannot wait for another chance to be a stage director and script writer! 😆


Song: Monokrom by Tulus
Script: Me & R
Props: Mostly DIY

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Just a Few Steps from Makassar, The Biggest Karsts in The World, The Ocean on The Mainland, and The Butterfly Kingdom

When I got a chance to Makassar, my friend told me to visit Rammang-rammang, located not too far from the Sultan Hassanudin Airport in Maros.
I started my trip by a rented car (the price was Rp 350k for full day), the trip took about 1 hour to the dock near Bosawa Cement Factory. From the dock, I continued my trip by a small boat (Rp 100k for round trip).

Rammang-rammang actually is one of the largest karsts in the world (some sources said it's the second largest, some said it's the third). Rammang-rammang itself means clouds/fogs, named because the clouds and fogs that come every morning. The river, the caves, the karsts, the paddy field, all in one place makes rammang-rammang a beautiful destination you must visit.

The dock to rammang-rammang

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A traditional house at the river bank of Rammang-rammang

From Rammang-rammang, I continued my trip to Leang-leang. Leang-leang is a South Sulawesi native language  for holes, maybe because this area has lot of caves (holes). This place is beautiful, the guide (who was using a policeman suit) said that this area was once an ocean, as proven by the ancient corals and lot of shells (which mostly we can found on the ground). We can also found ancient painting inside the cave, there were hand print of primordial man aged 8000 years ago. If you have enough time, you may also want to visit the other caves located farther from the main area. One of the caves has a painting from 45000 years ago. The guide told me that it could be one of the oldest cave painting in the world.

These rock-like things were actualy  ancient corals

Hand stamp and wild boar painting from about 8000 years ago

My last destination was Bantimurung, The Butterfly Park. This place is famous for its various kind of butterflies living in the park, especially when you visit it on dry season. The guide said it will be great if you wear red colored clothes, which attracts butterflies more. There is also a cave which once used by one of the King of Celebes in the ancient times. I didn't get to take lot of pictures here, since my battery was drained out and I don't have much time.